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Which Operating Systems are supported?
You can use any browser, from any operating system for remote control (

Currently, Windows 10 based PC supports for control. In the near future, all Operating Systems will be supported.
What I need to do for remote control?
There are two side of remote control:

  1. Remote side: download RScreen application and run it. Remember ID or click to "Copy ID link" and send this ID or link to other side.
    1. Control side: open link received from Remote side or go to page and enter remote ID.
    Can I change my ID?
    Yes. Just type any ID in the RScreen application and press Enter.

    Length of ID should be more 6 characters. An ID is case-sensitive!
    Is it secure?
    Yes. All connections uses secure protocols.

    If you use a custom ID you should be attentive! Easy ID is not secure! Do not use ID like "123456".
    Who can connect to me?
    All who know your ID.
    How many connections can be to one ID?
    No limit.
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